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Classes, Workshops in North County, San Diego, CA               

Spring 2019  SCHEDULE  


All classes & workshops taught by Fay McGrew at

Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad  CA unless otherwise noted.

Schedule, content, fees subject to change.

Happy Springtime!!!



Gong Hey Fa Cai, Xin Nian Kuaile! 

Happy new lunar year of the Earth Pig.


We had a wonderful Chinese New Year Celebration at Hidden Pine Studio with the highest number of students ever attending, and on such a rainy day. Thanks to Mollie, Janet, Richelle, others who helped with this event, and everyone else who attended sharing a delicious dish for our community lunch, generous gifts to Hidden Pine Studio, and feeding the lion Hong Bao (red envelopes filled with money) as it danced around blessing all for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!!!


Some might be waiting for Spring to begin at the Equinox, but Spring began Monday, February 4 and the new lunar year began at the New Moon February 5 according to the Daoist/Classical Chinese Calendar. Yes the 2 are close!


Springtime practice is very important as this begins a new energetic cycle for the year.

Please join us on Monday March 18, 7-8:30 PM for a special Free Intro to Qigong & Spring Equinox class. All are welcome.


I am delighted to introduce Qigong teacher, Theresa Ferguson to co-teach the Spring Attunement Workshop: Nurturing your Energetic Seedlings,  Saturday March 23  9:30 - 4:30.

 Theresa has been teaching Zhineng Qigong for over 15 years and is a senior teacher with my primary Zhineng Qigong Masters, Frank Chan & Dr. Eva Lew.


Theresa introduces Taiji Rejuvenation Qigong, a method she learned & was certified to teach while in China from Master Feng Zhi Ming Laoshi, Frank & Eva's teacher. This is a perfect form to practice in Springtime for very powerful Qi induction penetrating into every organ and related meridian (energy pathway) while building your energetic core.


The workshop concludes with Tibetan Bowl healing facilitated by Theresa.

Space is limited to this extraordinary workshop so register

soon. All are welcome to attend.


In honor of International Women's Day Saturday March 9,  you are invited to a free Intro to Women's Qigong & Jade Egg practice 11 - 12 pm; 

Intro to Women's Qigong  Better Balance for Better Life Workshop: follows from 1- 4:30 PM with special 2 for 1 pricing.


See details below for all these activities. More info & reg


I look forward to continuing enhancement of your Qigong practice for optimal health, well-being, expanded consciousness in harmony with heaven & earth for your inner peace.


Many Blessings,




UCSD laL 4 -09 group

Free Intro to Qigong Classes

Opportunity to learn about the many benefits of Qigong, experience the practice and meet the instructor, Fay McGrew.




Intro Women's Qigong & 

Jade Egg Practice

Information about Women's Qigong's for health, feminine vitality and self realization 


jade egg

 Jade Egg ancient women's health practice:

strengthen pelvic floor

address incontinence & vaginal dryness

invigorate sexual organs

heal stretching & damage from childbirth

Jade eggs are sanitary: $50 includes written instructions & bag

Saturday,  March 9   

11 - 12 PM

at Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad

This intro is before Intro to Womens Qigong Workshop from  1 - 4:30 PM


 RSVP & More Info





spring equinox

 Spring Equinox 

facilitated by Fay McGrew

 NEW DAY    Monday    

March 18

    7 - 8:30 pm


Intro to Qigong

Spring Equinox Meditation

Seasonal Empowerment practice


refreshments served

optional donation

Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad
RSVP & More Info


International Women's Day 

March 9

Intro to Women's Qigong: 

Balance for a Better Life Workshop

taught by Fay McGrew



In honor of International Women's Day , we are following this years theme Balance for a Better life

Learn specialized Qigong methods including

unique mediations to nourish your heart

sampling of Qigong methods from various lineages

 cultivating strong Yin (feminine energy)

Healing session and tea ritual included


Tuition $45, 2 for $75 


[Free Intro Women's Qigong & Jade Egg Class 11 - 12 before workshop]




Registration & More info



Spring Attunement Workshop

Nurturing your energetic seedlings

during this season of rebirth and renewal.


Co-Taught by Fay McGrew & Theresa Ferguson

spring equinox


Sat.     March 23  


9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad


Seasonal Empowerment meditation practice

Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down Method

NEW!! Taiji* Rejuvenation Qigong Method

*this is not Taiji Quan

Live Tibetan Bowl Healing


Tuition: $75


All Welcome


Limited Space, Register Early

Registration & More info





Next Workshop

Saturday, May 4

New Moon, Summer Attunement

(details to follow)



Weekly classes at 

Hidden Pine letters

Hidden Pine Studio

Carlsbad, CA




Feb 18 -  Seasonal Empowerment - Rain Water & Super Full Moon

Feb. 25 - Qigong

Mar. 4 - Seasonal Empowerment -Excited Insects

Mar. 11 - Qigong

Mar 18 - FREE CLASS Seasonal Empowerment - Spring Equinox

Mar 25 - Qigong

April 1 - Seasonal Empowerment - Clear Brightness

April 8 - No CLASS away at Qigong Retreat

April 15 - Qigong

April 22 - Earth Day - Seasonal Empowerment - Grain Rain

April 29 - Qigong


*seasonal empowerment is a specific Daoist meditation & exercise for each energetic change in nature every 15 days throughout the year. Class includes Qigong practice.

RBEDBRown Center class

Weekly Class Schedule other locations


Tri-City Fitness & Wellness Center 


Classes & workshops open to the public

Free to members & discounts to workshops


Women's Qigong Class Series   

Tuesdays 11:30 - 12:30


Women's Heart Qigong

February 5 - 26


Springtime Rejuvenation

March 5 - April 30  [no class April 9]


Carlsbad Senior Center    

722 Pine Ave

Live Long. Do Qigong! 

Tuesdays 9:45 - 10:45 AM

on-going 4 week class series

February 5 - 26

March 5 - 26

April 2 - 30 [no class April 9]

May 7 - 28

June 4 - 25

July 9 - 30


Tuition: $41 per series* check website for any price change

To register  760-602-4650 


For more info & to register for all classes, workshops & special events contact info@QigongwithFayMcGrew.com

Qigong with Fay McGrew 

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