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updated September 9, 2019 - I am in website hell- email info@qigongwithfaymcgrew.com for updated information

Fall Schedule & Winter preview  

Autumn, time for Harvesting Qi

In classical Chinese calendar, Autumn began August 7, its peak reaching at the Fall Equinox. This time of year transitions to more Yin as the receptive Lung Qi is predominate, protective energy that includes your immune system. It is the time of harvest in nature corresponding  culmination of vital energy from yang Qigong practices of the Spring and Summer.

 I am offering several workshops and special classes to maximize from the powerful energetics of this season.

 Autumn Attunement on Sunday September 22, 9:30 - 4:30 pm, "energetic flu shot" co-taught with Theresa Ferguson.
Learn/review/deepen the effective "Wellness in Motion Method" Theresa introduced at the Summer Solstice Attunement, Fay leads the seasonal empowerment practices, and both teachers give energy healing as Theresa facilitates live Tibetan Bowls. 
Free Fall Equinox class Monday September 23, 7 - 8:30 pm.

 Full Moon Women's Qigong retreat, Sat. Oct.12, 2:30 - 8:30
focuses on phases of the moon and feminine vital energy. Take advantage of the complete practice of Nuzi (women's) Method based on the ancient Nu Dan (Women's Inner Alchemical scriptures) and benefit from the healing session that immediately follows. 
Outdoor practice this year includes the ancient "Moon Gazing". 
Free Intro class & Jade Egg practice before the workshop 1 - 2 PM.
Hun Yuan Primordial Qigong Workshop, Sat. Nov. 9,  9:30 - 4:30. 
As promised, first full day workshop providing in depth technical instruction, and theory behind this powerful form, with "Harvesting the Qi" as the most repeated movement to unite with energy of the Fall.

Details of the workshops, free classes, and weekly class schedules are below in the newsletter.

Register early as space is limited.

As always looking forward to continuing your growth, development, and enhanced benefits of Qigong practice.

Workshops & Retreats

Autumn Equinox Attunement
Equinox graphic
 Sunday, September 22 on the day of the Equinox
9:30 - 4:30
 Co-taught Fay McGrew & Theresa Ferguson
On the day of the Fall Equinox, connect with this powerful inner balancing energy, and activate your Lung Qi, protection energy of your immune system during the peak of Autumn.
Session 1 - 9:30 - 12:30 pm - Fay
Meaning of Autumn in TCM & Qigong practice
Seasonal Empowerment
Autumn Equinox Meditation
Healing Sound Lung Qi
Lunch 12:30 - 1:30 pm, bring your own
Session 2 - 1:30 - 4 pm - Teresa
Wellness in Motion Method
A simple powerful form to balance energy with emphasis on opening of your Ming Men "Gate of Destiny".
"Wellness in Motion" is part of a series of  Chi-Lel Wellness created by Frank & Luke Chan in keeping with Zhineng Qigong principles of empowering ones health & healing abilities by replenishing Qi. 
Healing Session 4- 4:30 - Fay & Teresa
Chi Nap, live Tibetan Bowls Attunement & Energy Healing
Tuition $75; half day $45

Women's Qigong annual Full Moon retreat
Phases of the Moon & Feminine Cultivation
led by Fay McGrew
 Saturday October 14
2:30 - 8:30 pm
 Finally a full moon on a Saturday!
Women's Qigong, outdoor practice in light of the full moon, creativity, meditation, healing, dancing, community dinner
all in cultivation & celebration of the divine feminine in you.

The retreat focus is on the phases of the moon and feminine energy. 
Practice the complete powerfully healing Nuzi Qigong, followed by Qi Nap and energy healing. 
I'll be making my famous Dragon Broth healing soup for the community dinner.
Afterwards, the moon begins to rise as we go outdoors connecting with the energy of the Full Moon in the ancient practice of moon gazing and Women's NeiGong.

Tuition $75, 2 for $120.
Hun Yuan Primordial Qigong Workshop
taught by Fay McGrew
Silhouette of Woman Holding a Ball of Qi above Her Head
Saturday, November 9 
9:30 - 4:30
Full day workshop to learn and practice the powerful Hun Yuan Primordial Qigong method. As Winter begins energetically the week of this workshop,
this method is so necessary in the transition to winter by harvesting the benefits from the more active Yang spring & summer practices in preparation for the Yin meditative time of year. 

Morning session includes lecture on analysis and theory of form in context of its historical roots, Seasonal Empowerment meditation for beginning of Winter.

Tuition - full day $75
half day $45

at Hidden Pine Studio

All welcome
An opportunity to meet Fay & learn about Qigong.
Experience Qigong practice in harmony with seasons of nature.
refreshments served
optional donation appreciated

Autumn Equinox
 Monday September 23 
7 - 8:30 PM
Intro to Qigong
Seasonal Empowerment
Fall Qigong practice

Intro to Women's Qigong & Jade Egg Practice
Information about Women's Qigong's for health, feminine vitality and self realization based on centuries of women's wisdom
& Jade Egg Practice*
Saturday, October 12 
1:00 - 2:00 pm 
[prior to Women's Full Moon retreat]

jade egg
*Jade Egg ancient women's health practice:
strengthen pelvic floor
address incontinence & vaginal dryness
invigorate sexual organs
prepare for childbirth
heal stretching & damage from childbirth

Jade eggs are sanitary: $50 includes written instructions & bag
Save the dates
Day of Winter Solstice 
winter solstice
practice & celebration
Saturday , December 21
time TBA

Annual Chinese New Year Celebration
Year of Rat
beginning new 12 year astrological cycle
Saturday  January 25, 2020
Weekly classes at 
Hidden Pine letters
Hidden Pine Studio
Mondays  7 - 8:30 PM
Carlsbad, CA [RSVP for Address]


Sept. 2 - NO CLASS - Happy Labor Day
Sept. 9 - Seasonal Empowerment Pure Dew
Sept. 16 - Qigong
Sept. 23 - FREE CLASS Seasonal Empowerment - Autumn Equinox & Healing Circle
Sept. 30 - Qigong
Oct. 7 - Seasonal Empowerment Cold Dew
Oct. 14 - Full Moon
Oct. 21 - Seasonal Empowerment Frost Descends
Oct. 28 - New Moon
Nov. 4 - Seasonal Empowerment Winter Begins
Nov. 11 - Full Moon
Nov. 18 - Seasonal Empowerment Light Snow
No classes Nov 25 & Dec 2
Dec. 9 - Seasonal Empowerment - Heavy Snow
Dec. 16 - Seasonal Empowerment - Winter Solstice
Holiday Break Dec. 23 & 30
Jan. 6 - Seasonal Empowerment - Slight Cold

*seasonal empowerment is a specific Daoist meditation & exercise for each energetic change in nature every 15 days throughout the year. Class includes Qigong practice.
Weekly Class Schedule other locations
LCPCD class
Classes & workshops open to the public
Free to members & discounts to workshops
Women's Qigong Class Series   
Tuesdays 11:30 - 12:30 
Womens Qigong for Breast Health
Sept. 3 - Oct. 29, No class Sept. 24

Holiday Stress Reduction
Nov. 5 - 19 [no class Nov. 26]
Dec. 3 - 17
722 Pine Ave

Live Long. Do Qigong
Tuesdays 9:45 - 10:45 AM
on-going 4 week class series
Sept. 3 -24
Oct. 1 - 22
Oct. 29 - Nov. 19
Dec. 3 - 17

Open to ages 50+

Tuition: $45 per series* check website for any price change
To register  760-602-4650 
For more info & to register for all classes, workshops & special events contact info@QigongwithFayMcGrew.com
Qigong with Fay McGrew