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check back later for photos from Chinese New Year and owther events

  March - April  2016   SCHEDULE  


Spring is here!

The recent seasonal empowerment for Springtime was "Excited Insects", nature's expression of this powerful time of year when our intentions are energized towards their manifestations. I was amazed that day a large moth about the size of a bat, pictured above, flew into my studio flying around like it was blessing the space. When it flew out, it rested at the front door, as if greeting all the students who attended class that evening.

This is a most important time of the year for active Qigong practice. Our Spring Intensive on March 19 is "Six Healing Sounds/5 Element Theory", a full day to explore the inner road map of our energy body and detailed instruction of the Six Healing Sounds, movements and Sacred Alchemical Steps of the Fusion of the 5 Qi form. 

On April 16, Reyna and I co-teach a technical workshop to individually correct each participants forms as part of "Essence of Movement in Qi Cultivation". We are returning from Frank Chan and Dr. Eva Lew's Medicine Begins With Me Retreat and will share the gems we learned.

Our Chinese new year celebration for year of the Fire Monkey were a great success and you can photos and videos on our Facebook page - Fay McGrew (Qigong). Thanks to all who participated at Hidden Pine Studio and San Diego Chinese New Year Cultural Fair in San Diego. 

My schedule has changed at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego so I will be able to sub for Reyna's Monday classes at Ed Brown Center in Rancho Bernardo while she is in China for Qigong training.

I was honored to make a presentation about Qigong at the recent National Military & Veteran's Summit on Resilency where Deepak Chopra was the keynote speaker. Link to San Diego Union Tribune article about the conference.

For more info and photos click here

Looking forward to continuing our journey together for health, empowerment and
inner truth.

With gratitude,

Spring Highlights 
FREE  Intro to Qigong & Spring Equinox Healing MeditationMar. 16
Six Healing Sounds % Element Theory Workshop - March 19
Essence of Movement in Qi Cultivation - Technical Workshop - April 14
FREE Intro to Women's Qigong & Jade Egg Practice - May 21
Full Moon Women's Qigong Workshop - May 21
March - April 2016 Weekly Class Updates
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All classes & workshops taught by Fay McGrew unless otherwise noted.

UCSD laL 4 -09 group

Free Intro to Qigong Classes
Opportunity to learn about the many benefits of Qigong,

experience the practice and meet the instructor, Fay McGrew.

Intro to Qigong & Spring Equinox Healing Meditation 
Wed. March 16  7 - 8:30 PM @ Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad
Details Free Intro Classes

Intro to Women's Qigong & Jade Egg Practice  
(Jade Eggs $35)
Sat. May 21  11:30 - 12:30 @ Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad
[Full Moon Yin (Women's Qigong) Workshop begins @ 2 PM]

Springtime and Equinox

Spring Equinox
Free Intro to Qigong
Healing Circle 
Seasonal Empowerment
March 16, 2016
7 - 8:30 PM
Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad
All welcome, including beginners
Refreshments served
Optional donation appreciated
RSVP & More Info

5 element Yin Yang

Spring Equinox Intensive
Six Healing Sounds, Five Element Theory
Six Healing Sounds is perfect practice for Springtime at the beginning of new energetic cycle for the year,  associated with your Liver Qi.

Learn the complete sounds practice, movements & mudras, forms, theory we briefly go over in the weekly classes. Curriculum packet included.

 Sat. March 19 10 - 4:30 pm
Hidden Pine Studio
Tuition:  1 Session $45 Entire Workshop $75

 More info

mawangdui arms out

Essence of Movement in Qi Cultivation 
Fay & Reyna team up for this technical workshop to advance your Qigong practice.
*Personalized correction of your form.
*Detailed review of foundations in cultivating Qi through body movement.

*Advanced Theory in Qigong practice presented at Medicine Begins With Me retreat.

Sat. April 16, 2016
9:30-1 PM
Tuition $45
Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad

More info

Full Moon Yin (Women's) Qigong
Ancient health practice realized by women masters for feminine vitality
Sat.  May  21, 2016
Hidden Pine Studio, Carlsbad

Free Intro Women's Qigong
& Jade Egg Practice
11:30- 12:30 PM  [Jade Eggs $35]

Full Moon Yin (Women's) Qigong Workshop
Nuzi Women's Qigong Form
Deep relaxation (chi nap & energy healing)
Tea Ritua
1 - 4:30  pm
Tuition $45
Details click here

Weekly class Schedule

Hidden Pine letters

Hidden Pine Studio
Wednesdays 7 - 8:30 PM
Tuition $20 per class

March 16 - Spring Equinox Meditation, Healing Circle & Free Intro to Qigong - All welcome
March 23 - Full Moon Women's Qigong
March 30 - Qigong
April 6 - No class (Fay & Reyna away at Qigong Retreat)
April 13 - Jade Woman Qigong
April 20 - Seasonal Empowerment - Clear & Bright
April 27 -  Jade Woman Qigong
May 4 - Seasonal Empowerment -  Start of Spring
May 11 -Women's Qigong - Emmiting the Fragrance Form
May 18 - Seasonal Empowerment - Grain Full
May 25 - Qigong Reyna subs
*seasonal empowerment is a specific Daoist meditation & exercise for each energetic change in nature every 15 days throughout the year. Class includes Qigong practice.

RBEDBRown Center class

Weekly Class Schedule other locations

Ed Brown Center for Active Adults
Mondays 10:50 - 12:05 PM     Drop-in class
Fay McGrew returns to teach while Reyna is away.
April 25 - May 23 (Peter Olgberg subs May 9).

Tri-City Wellness Center Carlsbad
Women's Qigong Class Series    Drop-ins welcome
Tuesday 11:30 - 12:30 pm
Feb 2 - March 29 - Healthy Heart
April  12 - May 3 & May 17 - Jade Woman Qigong
Weekly Core Qigong classes
Wednesdays 2:45 - 3:45 pm     Drop-in class on- going
Carlsbad Senior Center   on-going 4 week class series
Qigong for the Early Bird
Tuesdays 8:30 - 9:30 AM  
Live Long. Do Qigong! 
Tuesdays 9:45 - 10:45 AM 

Up to date Class Schedule & Registration Info